Kilimanjaro Association of Tour Operators (KIATO)

Gateway to Kilimanjaro

Nature Protection

Protecting areas of importance for wildlife, reserved and managed for conservation and to provide special opportunities for tourism activities.

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Quality and Care

By hiring a KIATO member company for your mountain climb, you are assured that they adhere to the regulations and guidelines.

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Education and Leadership

Works to educate and lead members to meet international IMEC standards, to be accorded recognition by foreign tour agents worldwide.

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By Hiring a KIATO Member company for your Mountain Climb you are Assured that;

they Adhere to the Following Guidelines:

  • Proper treatment of porters and other crew
  • The tour company will see that porters are properly clothed
  • Will give proper meals each day
  • Will make sure that porters carry not more than 25kgs
  • Will enter into contract with porters hired /engaged
  • Will make sure that tips are paid by clients directly to all crew
  • Provide porters with transport, shelter and medications
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Our Mission

Our Mission is to speak for the people to acquire a common goal while members adhere to regulations and guidelines, for future international exposure and recognition through KIATO. Read More

Benefits of Being a KIATO Member

Membership is Open to all local tourist agents with legal registration from the government.

  • It is a law of the Country, the Park to deal only with a properly registered and licensed tour operator who is a member of an Association. KIATO is at their disposal.
  • Becoming a KIATO member opens an arena to channel tour operator's views and acquire a common voice on issues both individual and common.
  • Increased exposure for your company - through KIATO website
  • Potential for future international trade show exposure
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Membership Fees

Membership Entry fee is Tsh. 200,000/=, with an Annual Membership fee of Tsh. 450,000/= and a Membership Certificate is Issued to Members Annually. Read More

Membership is Open to all Tourist Agents

KIATO thus welcomes tour operators / agents and companies which have been registered by Business Licensing Authority (BRELA) of the Ministry Of Industries and Trade.

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